No Urinating, Defecating in Public Areas

Friday, 14 July 2017 , 10:00:00 WIB - Legal Tips

A sign forbidding urinating in the area.

JAKARTA. GRES.NEWS – Some people are still ignorant enough to urinate and defecate in public areas. This is happening because many of the public still have low awareness to maintain their city’s sanitary and orderliness. Yet, there are regulations that punish urination and defecation in public areas.

In Jakarta, there’s the Jakarta Governor Regulation No.221/2009 on Elucidations for Implementation of Regional Regulation No.8/2007 on Public Orderliness.

The governor regulation stipulates forbids Scribbling, writing, painting, sticking ads on walls, crossing bridges, pedestrian bridges, stops, power poles, trees, public transport and other public facilities, and dump waste and pile waste on roads, green belts, parks, rivers and other places that would damage the beauty and cleanliness of the environment or urinate and defecate on roads, green belts, parks, rivers and waterways.

The sanction for urinating on roads, green belt, parks, rivers and waterways is 10 to 60 days in a detainment facility or a fine of Rp100,000-Rp1000,000 (US$ 7.491760-US$74.91760)