Criminal Charge for Selling Non-SNI Products

Wednesday, 10 May 2017 , 15:00:00 WIB - Legal Tips

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Did you know that all products marketed in Indonesia must meet the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) quality threshold? SNI ‘badge’ conirming that a certain product meets required standards set by National Standardization Agency (BSN), a standard institution mandated by the government to develop and enforce standards for products sold in the country.

The mandate is stipulate in Article 57 verse 1 of Law No.7/2017 on Trade, switch states that products being traded in the domestic market must meet:

a. SNI standards that have been enforced and are compulsory; or

b. Technical requirements that have been enforced and are compulsory.

The regulation was introduced to protect customers and increase compliance with SNI standards. Customers will see the ‘SNI’ mark on products that have met SNI requirements. The placement of such sign is compulsory through Article 57 verse 5 of Law No.7/2017 on Trade.

As for non-compliance, Article 113 of the same law stipulates that sellers who sell products in the domestic market while the products in question fail to meet compulsory SNI standards or compulsory technical requirements shall be subject to a jail sentence for a maximum of 5 years and/or a fine worth a total of Rp5,000,000,000 (five billion rupiah).