Requirements for Polygamy

Monday, 23 OCtober 2017 , 10:00:00 WIB - Legal Tips

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Anyone interested to have another wife while they are still legally married to another person/persons must seek an approval from the local religion court, or the court within the administrative region of the applicant’s resident. The religion Court will give the approval as long as they meet certain requirements.

1. The requirement are as follows:
2. The wife cannot fulfill her obligations as a wife,
3. The wife is physically disabled or suffer an incurable illness,
4. The wife is sterile.

The husband must also obtain:

1. An approval from he wife/wives,
2. The applicant must guarantee that he can provide the wife/wives and child/children,
3. The applicant must declare that he will treat the wife/wives and child/children fairly.

The approval does not require an approval from the wife/ wives if the wife/wives are in certain condition that she/they cannot provide the approval, and cannot be a party to the agreement if there has been no words from her or at lest two (2) years or for other reasons that need to be judged by the judge of the court.