A Little Bit about Indonesia´s Law on the Press

Tuesday, 28 November 2017 , 11:00:00 WIB - Legal Tips

The press industry in Indonesia is regulated by Law No.40/1999 on the Press (Law on the Press). The Law on the Press contains a number of principle regulations that concern:

1. Principles, functions, rights, obligations and roles of the press in Indonesia.
2. Reporters
3. Press companies
4. Press councils
5. Criminal laws on the press

Law No.40/1999 on the Press replaced Law No.21/1982 on the Press, which itself replaced Law No.11/1966.

The new points in the new law concern:

  1. Studies to improve the welfare of journalists;
  2. Establishment and supervision on the implementation of the Journalistic Code of Ethics;
  3. Considerations and efforts to settle public complaints on cases related to press coverages;
  4. Development of communication between the press, the public and the government;
  5. Facilities for press organizations in drafting of regulations on the press and improvements to quality of journalism as a profession.
  6. Data on existing press companies.