Environment Management May Prevent Flood

Saturday, 30 January 2016 , 13:45:00 WIB - Opinions

Health Department worker using heavy duty equipment to clean the garbage on Ciliwung River that clogged Manggarai Floodgate, Jakarta, Tuesday (17/11). (ANTARA)

By: A'an Efendi*)

A few months ago, there was a heavy rain in my hometown, Surabaya, it was the sign that wet season will come and the end of the long dry season in Surabaya. Farmers, especially rainfed farmers, who depend on rain, felt glad that rain would come at that time

For the farmers, rain is their only life source for their rice field and it means that they will be benefited by the crops they will harvest. Not just farmers, me and everyone here were also happy that rain will come and we consider it as an incredible blessing from God.

We have to remember that it is expensive to make an artificial rain and the it doesn't have 100% success rate. Even, our friends who were choked by the haze that was caused by a forest fire, rain is more valuable than gold as it would extinguish the source of the haze.

However, rain is also a bad sign for some people.

Some people have to be ready to lose their belongings or even their lives in the wet season. Massive rain in the wet season also means "flood season" to some people.

Flood is obviously an annual disaster that occurred in some regions of Indonesia. Drought in dry season and flood in wet season is a strange yet common phenomenon in Indonesia.

Flood is actually not the impact of heavy rain in the wet season. Flood is caused by humans who treated the environment rudely. Just like what people say, you deserve what you get.

We have been taking away the places where raindrops "rest in peace". Humans have cut the trees that contain rain water for the whole time. Humans have also turned rivers into a landfill for free.

Buildings that are constructed above the land where raindrops used to be contained are also the causes of flood.

Therefore, we have to know about spatial so people will know where they may establish a building although money always tries to tempt us.

Good environment management could turn rain into a good thing and not causing a disaster. Good environment management would also contain raindrops for good purposes and prevent flood.

*) Writer is an alumni of Airlangga University Doctorate in Law