Indonesia Without HMI

Tuesday, 10 May 2016 , 16:00:00 WIB - Opinions

An activist of HMI delivered a speech at KPK Headquarters, Jakarta, Monday (9/5). (Edy Susanto/

By: Rudy Gani *)

Indonesia without the Islamic Students Association (HMI) is the same as Indonesia without the National Army (TNI). Both of the state institutions support Indonesia to stand strong as both of them have an important role for Indonesia. HMI has fought against the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) that threatened the nation back then, and HMI has been established since the New Order.

History is a note for the nation. Although the Deputy Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Saut Situmorang stated that HMI is the "corruptor's den", we know more about HMI from what history tells us.

HMI Executive Board has officially reported Saut to the Police Criminal Investigation Agency (Bareskrrim). HMI Subdivision Executive and the Alumni of HMI from many regions have also reported Saut to the police.

Saut is brought to legal proceedings in the police. Although Saut has apologized to HMI yesterday (9/5), HMI won't stop the legal proceedings on Saut.

Despite this, the General Chairman of HMI Executive Board, Mulyadi P Tamsir, stated that they've forgiven Saut. However, the legal proceedings won't be stopped.

DISTRACTED - It is reasonable if HMI got angry with Saut's statement, nobody can forget the role of HMI in the history of Indonesia.

HMI was established in 1947. Long ago before Saut born in Indonesia (Saut born in 1959). Back then, HMI also protects Indonesia from the Dutch second aggression. Besides having their status as students, HMI members were also soldiers.

Back then, HMI members brought books and bamboos (weapons). HMI was a multi function students organization that "inspired" the Indonesian National Army (TNI) to continue their fight in the following years.

In 1965, a bloody incident that involved PKI happened. HMI was the only Islamic student representative (intellectual group) of Indonesia who fought the hardest against the communist organization.

No matter what people say about HMI, HMI keeps exist in Indonesia. However, HMI internals has to maintain the organization. HMI has to be sharpened to fight against the regime and officials who act mischievous against the society and Moslems in Indonesia.

*) Writer was the General Chairman of HMI Coordination Board of Jabodetabek (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi) Banten in 2010-2012