Indonesian Celebrities and Prostitution

Friday, 15 May 2015 , 05:00:00 WIB - Opinions

RA, a pimp apprehended by the Indonesian police in an online prostitution scandal that also involved Indonesian hot model AA, Saturday (9/5). Some hot Indonesian celebrities are allegedly earning additional income by becoming a high-end prostitute. (ANTARA)

Oleh: Laily Fitriani, SH, MH *)

The celebrity prostitution scandal in Indonesia, which started when adult magazine model initialed AA and her pimp was apprehended by the Indonesian Police, has revealed an astonishing list of 200 Indonesian celebrities allegedly earning additional income from the sleazy practice. This has raised a question: Why are they willing to be prostitutes? Is it connected with their need to always look perfect and increase their existence?

Prostitution according to the Indonesian Great Dictionary (KBBI) is the exchange of sexual intercourse paid with money or gifts.

Etymologically, Prostitution is derived from the word Prostitutio, which means an overt behavior that surrenders to adultery. Adultery itself means mating between a male with a female with one or both of the parties still being tied to marriage.

Prostitution activities violate social, religious and legal norms. It can also spread sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), such as gonorrhea, syphilis, candidiasis and HIV. Prostitution also damages the morale of a nation, especially among the young generation.

Prostitution according to Indonesian Criminal Code (KUHP).

Regulations regarding prostitution in Indonesia can be found in Article 296 and 506 of the Indonesian Criminal Code (KUHP). Article 296 defines prostitution as: Whoever intentionally causes or facilitate obscene acts by another person with another person, and make it as a living or habit, shall be punishable by maximum imprisonment of one year and four months or a maximum fine of fifteen thousand rupiah.

Meanwhile, Article 506 states: "Whoever benefits from the obscene acts of a female and make the act as a source of income shall be punishable by a maximum of one-year imprisonment.

Therefore, according to the Indonesian law, prostitution is an offense committed by the intermediary. Thus, law enforcers can only take legal action against the intermediary, commonly called pimps. Meanwhile, prostitutes and their customers are not subject to punishment. Indeed, this sounds sad, but this is what the Indonesian law states.

Meanwhile, Article 63 Paragraph (1) of the Regional Regulation stipulates that whoever orders, facilitates, persuade or force another person to be a prostitute shall be punished by imprisonment according to the rules and regulations.

*) The writer is a legislator in matters concerning politics, law and human rights of the Secretariat General of the House of Representatives (DPR-RI)