Mending TNI Law

Monday, 12 OCtober 2015 , 17:42:00 WIB - Politics

Some students who skipped school are arrested by Pamong Praja Police Force (Satpol PP) and Indonesian National Army (TNI), they are detained at Satpol PP office in Lhokseumawe, Aceh Province, Monday (12/10). (ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS - The field Non-War Military Operations (OMSP) is considered to crash with the task and authority of other institutions that has been established by the law. By that, the revision of Law No.34/2004 on Indonesian National Army (TNI) in the House's prioritized National Legislation Programs (Prolegnas) is urged to separate OMSP points.

OMSP in the law revision should be discussed to avoid a conflict. For instance, OMSP operations on terrorism. It is mentioned in the People's Consultative Assembly regulation that the police is the one who's responsible for handling terrorism. Strangely, The police law doesn't mention that.

An expert on national defense, Jaleswari Pramodhawardani, said that the 14 tasks mentioned in OMSP have to be explained in more detail.

The control, coordination, and legislation have to be clear so that the goals and results can be known in more detail. Furthermore, there are different level of interests in the 14 OMSP tasks.

LOWER BUDGET FOR TNI - Meanwhile, the House's Commission I member Salim Mengga supported the law revision or a new law arrangement to limit TNI duties not to crash other institution duties and to facilitate them with a proper budget.

In 2004, the budget allocations for TNI reached Rp102 trillion. But, it will be decreased to Rp96.7 trillion in the 2016 state budget.

Indonesia is vulnerable to disasters annually as the geographical location is on the ring of fire. According to the research, TNI is considered as the most responsive institution. Unfortunately, political and financial policy makers still think that Indonesia is in a peaceful situation, so, they don't need a great budget for the primary weaponry defense system.

DEFENSE MINISTRY PROPOSED - The law revision was proposed by the Ministry of Defense. The proposal was included in the 2015 National Legislation Programs (Prolegnas). The former Indonesian National Army Commander, Gen. Moeldoko, previously mentioned that the issues that will be revised on the TNI Law revision are more concerned with technical issues.

According to him, TNI tasks to handle disasters don't need the House members' permit. This issue will be revised on the TNI Law revision. He said TNI Law is still too general and not detailed on giving tasks and functioning TNI. Including the defense posture and TNI institutional with other institutions. (dtc)