Setya Novanto´s Chain of Scandals

Tuesday, 17 November 2015 , 15:51:00 WIB - Politics

House of Representatives Chairman Setya Novanto (left) after having a closed meeting with Vice President Jusuf Kalla in Vice President´s Office, Jakarta, Monday (16/11). (ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS - Setya Novanto's name never comes off from case issues. Although he has selected as the House's Chairman, bad rumors always come up dragging his name. The anti-graft commission (KPK) also felt unfortunate when he became the House Chairman. Former KPK Chairman Abraham Samad said that Setya Novanto would bring issues. Setya was also questioned as a witness by KPK in some corruption cases for several times.

Abraham expected that the House Chairman position would be filled by someone's clean from corruption cases.

His statement showed that Setya had a bad track record and involved in many graft cases. But no one seems to care about his track record. Some cases that dragged his name seemed to fade away and lost from the surface.

Responding to his statement, Setya came up and answered calmly. "We will take the issues as advice and it will become our power," he said in Senayan, October 5, 2014. Setya even thanked the people or anyone who will advise him at that time.

But, his journey as the House Chairman doesn't go smooth. Polemics came after him as he attended the campaign of the US President Candidate Donald Trump. But, the issue faded away and it saved his position again. The House ethics council (MKD) also reacted calmly, they didn't give any sanctions to him and considered his act as a misdemeanor.

And now, his name come up again to the surface after the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Sudirman Said, reported him to the House ethics council (MKD) for misusing the President's and Vice President's name in PT Freeport contract extension.

Novanto allegedly taking a benefit and became the broker of the contract extension.

Despite this, as a legislative, Novanto has no power to insure PT Freeport investment. Moreover, the government had a negotiation with PT Freeport in Papua.

Sudirman's report to the House ethics council (MKD) mentioned his name and the case chronicles. However, at a press conference held in the House of Representatives, Setya claimed that he was only following President Joko Widodo's instructions.

SETYA'S CASES - This is not the first time Setya involved in a case. Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) reported that he was involved in many cases.

ICW records showed that Setya was once allegedly involved as a suspect in Bank Bali cessie scandal worth Rp546 billion. In 2010, Setya was allegedly involved in Vietnam rice smuggling for 60,000 tons.

Besides that, former Treasurer of Democrat Party M Nazaruddin mentioned that Setya was involved in the national electronic identity card (E-KTP) graft worth Rp6 trillion.

More than that, Setya was also said to be involved in the 2012 National Sports Week shooting range development that involved Rusli Zainal, former Riau Governor. Setya and Kahar Muzakkir was members of the House at that time and they were bribed for Rp9 billion by Rusli's orders. At that time, Setya's workspace was also investigated by KPK investigators.

ICW has been criticizing Setya Novento since he became the House chairman as he was involved in many graft cases.

Meanwhile, KPK spokeswoman Yuyuk Andriati still couldn't explain the cases that are allegedly involve Setya Novanto. Despite that, in Rusli Zainal's case, the panel of judges clearly mentioned that Setya was bribed.

"I still can't confirm further about it. The electronic identity card (E-KTP) case is still developing," Yuyuk said to, Tuesday (17/11).