Army to Resolve Civil Conflicts?

Tuesday, 09 February 2016 , 12:53:00 WIB - Politics

A local of Mempawah Regency holds a sign in a strike against Fajar Nusantara Movement (Gafatar) at West Kalimantan Legislative Council, Tuesday (2/2). (ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS - The attempt to involve Indonesian National Army (TNI) to resolve civil issues hasn't stopped yet. Lately, the plan to involve the army to resolve tribe, religion, race, and group (SARA) conflicts emerge. The plan was mentioned by the House's Commission I Deputy Chairman TB Hasanuddin, who is also the former army's Major General.

In a press release received by, Monday (8/2), TB Hasanuddin considered that the government should revise the Governmental Regulation No.2/2014, particularly Article 40 paragraph (1), to resolve SARA conflicts. The Article mentions that the army may resolve SARA conflicts after Regional Heads stated the conflict status.

"The Article needs an amendment as the regulation mentioned in it is not effective. Regional government is not having enough capacity to resolve conflicts. They should give the army the chance to prevent the conflicts," TB Hasanuddin asserted.

He considered that conflicts in Middle-East, especially in Syria, affects conflicts in Indonesia. "For instance, terrorists in Indonesia are allegedly having a connection with ISIS," he said.

TB Hasanuddin asserted that the issue shouldn't be ignored. According to the intelligence records, the conflicts have a high potential to damage the state if the government doesn't handle the issue seriously.

According to TB Hasanuddin, regional government officials tend to take shortcuts to handle regional conflicts instead of finding the best solution, they seem to be afraid that it would disrupt their political interest for the next regional elections.

He also said the police also not firm in handling SARA conflicts, especially religion conflicts.

Therefore, he asked the government to involve the army to resolve SARA conflicts, particularly religion conflicts. According to him, the army's involvement in resolving conflicts is regulated by the law. Article 7 Law No.34/2004 clearly mentioned that the army has the duty to uphold the state independence, defending the state, and protecting the nation.

Besides involving the army, TB Hasanuddin also said that the government should mobilize the power of religion scholars and anti-violence figures. They also have to develop tolerance education in formal and non-formal education academies all over Indonesia.

"The government should find a solution through discussions and dialogues, it is better than resolving issues by violence. Evacuation, detention and alienation are not the best solutions for the nation," TB Hasanuddin said. He added that the police should act firmly in upholding the law, they must open their eyes to every violence attempts no matter what the reasons are. (dtc)