KPU Prepares Judicial Review against Regional Elections Law

Sunday, 17 July 2016 , 18:00:00 WIB - Politics

KPU headquarters in Jakarta (Edy Susanto/

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS – The General Elections Commission (KPU) will file a judicial review against Article 9A of Law No.10/2016 on Regional Elections, saying that the article strips off its authority as an institution authorized to organize regional elections independently, without any intervention from other institutions.

According to the commission’s Commissioner Ida Budhiati, KPU has rights to file a judicial review and Article 9a disrupts its independency in making regulations.

The article forces KPU to consult with the House of Representatives in drafting regulations.

However, Lingkar Madani Indonesia (Lima) political expert Ray Rangkuti disagrees with KPU’s move, saying that the commission needs to think clearly as the judicial review may cause chaos within the territory of state institutions. He explained that KPU is a state institution that executes the mandates of the law.

"Just imagine of the police decides to file a judicial review against the Law on National Police and the Indonesian army filing a judicial review against the Law on Defense," he said.

Ray is also worried that the judicial review will affect the upcoming Regional Elections, which will be held soon.

Meanwhile, Society of Elections and Democracy (Perludem) executive director Titi Anggraini supports KPU’s move, saying that it shows KPU is consistently defending its independency. This is the right move and shows KPUs consistency in defending its independency as the administrator of elections, she said to, Friday (15/7).

Titi also says KPU’s move will not affect the upcoming regional elections.

It will have no effect. The judicial review will continue and will not affect the drafting of KPU Regulations, Titi said.