Illegal Chinese Workers Invade Indonesia?

Tuesday, 19 July 2016 , 19:00:00 WIB - Politics

Officers taking data of applicants who wanted to make AK/1 card at Manpower Agency at Tangerang, Banten, Tuesday (12/87). (ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS - Chairman of the House's Commission IX, Dede Yusuf, said the government must monitor and pay attention to the invasion of workers from China who are allegedly illegal because of using visitor's visa, and Chinese workers who are connected to the government's agreement on infrastructures project. Dede claims he has called the Manpower Minister Hanif Dhakiri, and the House of Representatives still don't believe the data handed by the Manpower Ministry.

In a meeting with the House's Commission IX, Hanif said there are only 70,000 workers from China who come to Indonesia. According to Hanif, the number of foreign workers won't threat domestic workers. However, Dede said that the data is not authentic as he has received many reports that say some foreign workers are illegal because they're not working with an official work permit, and not listed as a worker in the Manpower Ministry.

Dede said that the illegal foreign workers live and work in Indonesia by using the visitor's visa. The House's Commission IX asked the government to anticipate the issue.

"We have called the Manpower Ministry repeatedly, he explained that the number of foreign workers is only 70,000 people, and the ministry is watching them. However, some foreign workers are not listed as an official worker, and they work in Indonesia by using a visitor's visa. The government must be careful with the issue," Dede said, Monday (18/7) evening.

He's also disappointed with the revocation of Article 26 Paragraph 1 Manpower and Transportation Minister Regulation No. 12/2013 that regulates foreign workers must be able to speak Indonesian. The regulation got revoked, and it makes foreign workers may enter Indonesia easier. Dede also criticized the government for ignoring Article 3 Paragraph (1) Manpower Minister Regulation No.16/2015.

The regulation mentions that companies must recruit at least ten domestic workers when they're hiring one foreign worker. The regulation got ignored, and it weakens the supervision on foreign workers flow.

"There are 200 entrances that are only guarded by the Directorate General of Immigration. The Directorate General of Immigration has lost its power after the government frees the visa for tourists," he said firmly.

Dede mentioned that the House's Commission IX has established a Work Committee (Panja) to monitor foreign workers last Sunday. The committee members consist of a Deputy of Manpower Development and Supervision Directorate General, Head of the Indonesian Military (TNI) Strategic Intelligence Body (Bais), Head of the Police International Relations Division, and the State Intelligence Agency (BIN).

Dede said that the work committee was established to give some recommendations to the government to be more careful and more strict in making regulations that control foreign workers in Indonesia.

Separately, the Head of the State-Owned Enterprises Labor Union (FSP BUMN Bersatu), Arief Poyuono, criticized Manpower Minister Hanif Dhakiri for being failed in anticipating the invasion of Chinese workers to Indonesia. Arief said that illegal Chinese workers have entered Indonesia quite long by using visitor's visa.

Besides that, Arief said that none of them can speak Indonesian or English. "This shows that the supervision of the Manpower Ministry is very weak, and they're not working optimally. The Manpower Minister performs poor," Arief said to, Tuesday (19/7).

Immigration agency should be responsible too for the invasion of Chinese workers because they were careless in granting visitor's visa for Chinese tourists. As a result, they can work easily in Indonesia by using the visa.

MINISTER DENIES - Regarding the issue, Manpower Minister Hanif Dhakiri said that the existing data shows that the number of Chinese workers in Indonesia is equal to the number of workers from the other country who work in Indonesia. The rumor that says 10 million Chinese workers have invaded Indonesia was fake.

Hanif said that the number of Chinese workers who entered Indonesia only reaches 14,000 to 16,000 people in a year. Hanif said that the current total number of Chinese workers only reach 70,000 people. The number won't threat domestic workers as it only covers 0.0027 percent of Indonesian population that reaches 251 million.

According to Hanif, the number won't threat domestic workers as it only covers 0.05 percent of the total Indonesian workforce in 2016 that reaches 128 million people.

In 2011, the Manpower Ministry data shows that 77,307 foreign workers were working in Indonesia. In 2012, the number decreased to 72, 427 people. The number keeps dropping in 2013 to 68,957 people. In 2014, it only reached 68,762 people. In 2015, it increased a bit to 69,025 people. However, this year until June, the number of foreign workers in Indonesia only reaches 43,816 people.