Government Should Help Finance Political Parties: ICW

Monday, 26 September 2016 , 16:00:00 WIB - Politics

Political Party executives during the Muba Regional Election in 2017, South Sumatra, Wednesday (21/9).(ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS – Indonesian Corruption Watch (ICW) activist Donal Fariz is saying politicians are committing corruption because of the lofty payments in they have to make for their political activities.

ICW’s Political Corruption Division has concluded that the government should help finance to assist political parties as leaving the funding work solely to political elites would make it hard for political parties to make policies objectively.

This is behind the numerous corruptions committed by cadres. They need to cover their political party’s lofty expenses. The government must start being present for them. If the government does not step in, oligarchy within political parties will strengthen, he said, Friday (23/9).

Center for Budget Analysis (CBA) executive director Uchok Sky Khadafi is in disagreement with ICW, saying that providing financial assistance to political parties would not curb corruption and will only put more burden on the government’s shoulders.

"Financing political parties to prevent their cadres from committing corruption is an illogical reason," he said, to, Saturday (24/9)

According to him, the numerous politicians committing corruption has nothing to do with their political party’s financial state. He also argues that the assistance will actually strengthen oligarchy within parties. The move would not dampen oligarchy within political parties and will only strengthen such culture, he said.

Kompas senior reporter Budiarto Shambazy agrees with Uchok. He says the facilities that the government has provided for elections are already sufficient.

"The assistance does not need to be raised. The funds that the government distributes through . The General Elections Commission (KPU) and the Regional General Elections Commission (KPUD) are sufficient, Budiarto said.