Fahri Hamzah, Fadli Zon Escapes?

Saturday, 03 December 2016 , 19:00:00 WIB - Politics

Vice President Jusuf Kalla (second left) had a conversation with the House Deputy Chairman, whoâs also the first Chairman of KAMMI Fahri Hamzah (second right), House Deputy Chairman Fadli Zon (right), and House Chairman Ade Komarudin (left) when opening the first National Congress of Indonesian Muslim Students Action Front Alumni (KA KAMMI) in Jakarta, Saturday (12/11). (ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS – In the morning, before Defending Islam III rally held on December 12, 2016, 10 people who are suspected of attempting treason were arrested. However, two public figures who encouraged the rally, Fahri Hamzah and Fadli Zon, went abroad before the 10 people got arrested. Despite this, they joined the previous Defending Islam II rally on November 4, 2016.

The peace rally called as Defending Islam III that was held at the Jakarta National Monument (Monas) yesterday was surprising. Besides involving of million protesters, the rally went peacefully without chaos. However, it doesn’t mean the rally proceeds without anyu incident, 10 people were arrested before the rally proceeds. One more person even got arrested. 11 of them are suspected of planning treason and insulting the President.

Fahri Hamzah and Fadli Zon who had attended Defending Islam II rally didn’t join Defending Islam III rally. Both of them allegedly know about the police’s plan to arrest them. National Police Chief Tito even stated he would study Fahri’s speech in the previous rally that’s considered containing treason elements.

An expert on politics, Arbi Sanit, said that Fahri and Fadli might have known about the arrest of public figures that are considered attempting a coup. Based on their track records, they could be arrested as their previous speech contains treason elements.

"They escaped, they’re afraid they would be arrested," Arbi Sanit said to gres.news, Saturday (3/12).

Fahri’s speech in the previous rally that asked the demonstrators to topple the current President would make him arrested, so they chose to go abroad to save themselves from the current situation in Indonesia.

"Fahri is a lawyer, he could get a piece of information about the arrest, so they saved themselves," he said.

Previously, Fahri explained why he didn’t join the rally because he was invited by the administration of Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan will hold their first election party, and he came to watch the historical moment in the country.

He stated that he ‘s going to go to Uzbekistan on Thursday night right before the super peace rally held on Friday morning. Meanwhile, Fadli Zon went to Panama to become a spokesperson for the world’s anti-corruption parliament organization. Besides becoming a spokesperson, Fadli will also visit Cuba.

As an additional information, Fahri was once reported by a group who called themselves as the red and white volunteers. They reported Fahri a week after Defending Islam II rally, which is also known as 411 rally, took place in Jakarta for allegedly provoking the demonstrators when they delivered a public speech in front of the State Palace. Fahri has declined the allegation, he stated that he lectured about the administration system and never asks the protesters to topple the government. (dtc)