Formulating New Mechanism of DPD Members Recruitment

Thursday, 27 April 2017 , 18:00:00 WIB - Politics

Four members of Regional Representatives Council (DPD) are seen staging a protest that was witnessed by DPD Chairman Oesman Sapta Odang (second right), and Deputy Chairman Nono Sampono (third left) in the opening of DPD´s plenary session in the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Tuesday (11/4). (ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS – The Regional Representatives Council’s (DPD) role in representing regions is considered not optimal. Therefore, the government recommended the Special Committee on General Elections Administration Bill to change the mechanism of DPD members candidate recruitment in 2019, which is a recruitment by a selection committee.

"The General Elections Bill work committee is considering the government’s recommendation to change the mechanism of DPD members selection in 2019. If the government’s recommendation were approved by the work committee, it would significantly change the mechanism of DPD members recruitment," said the Head of the Special Committee on General Elections Bill, Lukman Edy, through his statement on Wednesday (26/4).

The government wants to change the recruitment mechanism because of some reasons. One of them is the limited understanding of DPD members on regional issues, and it has to be improved. Therefore, aspirations from regions are not delivered effectively.

He explained that the new recruitment mechanism would send 40 candidates to the Regional Legislative Council (DPRD), and they would have to pass a fit and proper test. After that, 20 best candidates would be selected, and become final candidates who would be voted by people.

After that selection committees would be established by governors.The committee comprises of academics, the government officials, and people’s representatives. The candidates have to take a written test about four pillars of the country, state administration, regional development, and regional autonomy. They also have to write a portfolio about regional development.

If the recruitment mechanism were implemented, the requirement to gather ID cards (KTP) that was applied in the previous general elections would be erased. The requirement is considered ineffective. Many candidates who gathered them by buying them, the bought the ID cards from the public or middlemen.

The House Deputy Chairman Taufik Kurniawan said the DPD has to prioritize regional development, no matter the how the recruitment mechanism works.

DPD is the symbol of regional representatives. Therefore, DPD members must prioritize people’s aspiration, not politics. So, they could develop the regions they lead.

DPD is a relatively new institution that was established after the reform in 1998. Different from the House of Representatives that has been founded since 1918.

The legislative functions of DPD are still limited, they’re only allowed to recommend and arrange certain Bills, and they’re not involved in the decision-making. DPD is also not involved in budgeting and supervision functions.

DPD was established to strengthen the bonds of communities in Indonesia and the union of people in regions. DPD was also established to increase the aggregation, accommodate aspirations and regional interests in formulating the national policies that are connected to the state and regions.

Besides that, DPD was also established to encourage the acceleration of democracy, development, and progress in regions for people’s welfare. The basic consideration of DPD establishment is to build a mechanism to control and balance the state authorities and legislative institutions.

OPPOSED - The government’s recommendation gets criticized by a member of DPD, Asri Anas. "The plan comes up to evaluate the recruitment of DPD members candidate that’s considered lacking capacity and capability," Asri said in his statement, Wednesday (26/4).

He considers that the House of Representatives and the government are never serious in managing and fixing the weak DPD as a member of the Parliament.

Asri said that the plan seems want to show that the current members of DPD lack capacity. He’s against the opinion.

Meanwhile, the House Deputy Chairman Fadli Zon said the recommendation is questionable, and it’s in contrast to the democracy principles. "It gives limitations to the candidates," Fadli said at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (26/4).

Fadli also questioned the selection committee that will select the DPD members. The committee shouldn’t take away people’s rights to vote and to be voted. (dtc/mfb)