House Prioritizes Political Interests Over Elections Law

Saturday, 29 April 2017 , 09:00:00 WIB - Politics

Journalists are seen participating a workshop about media guide for general elections broadcasting at West Java General Elections Commission (KPU) Building, West Java, Tuesday (18/4). (ANTARA)

JAKARTA, GRES.NEWS – The House has decided to postpone the arrangement of General Elections Bill for their recess period. They decide to take their recess in the fourth session period in 2016-2017, which starts from April 29 until May 17. The arrangement of General Elections Bill will be continued after May 17, and it’s targeted to be finished on May 28.

The Indonesia Elections Monitoring Independent Committee (KIPP) stated that the House disappoints people for prioritizing their recess period instead of finishing the arrangement of General Elections Law. "Recess period is more important to them than the arrangement of General Elections Bill. They consider that Bill arrangement can be postponed, but taking their recess period is a must and undeniable. It seems that not taking their recess is more dangerous for the public instead of spending their time effectively to finish the General Elections Bill," said KIPP Indonesia’s Study Division Deputy Adrian Habibi in a written statement received by, Friday (28/4).

He considers they could spend their time to finish the arrangement of General Elections Bill instead of taking their recess from April 29 to May 17. "If the state representatives were wiser, they could delay their recess after they arrange the General Elections Law. Therefore, they won’t have to carry more tasks when they have to be responsible for each of their electoral district," he said.

Habibi considers that the House members prioritize their political interests over the public interest as they chose to visit their electoral districts in their recess period rather than finishing the General Elections Bil.

According to KIPP Indonesia, the House members are not professional because they’ve decided to postpone the arrangement of General Elections Bill for their recess period.

On the other hand, Habibi said that the public can’t understand the purpose of their recess period while the General Elections Bill is being arranged. "Considering the urgency and priority, the arrangement of General Elections Bill is considered more urgent and must be prioritized," he said.

Habibi also feels unfortunate with the government’s action that seems to succumb to the House representatives who decided to postpone the Bill arrangement. Despite this, the government could finish their duty to execute the ministries’ programs instead of waiting the House members return from their recess.

Therefore, KIPP Indonesia advised the House members to ensure that the arrangement of General Elections Bill will be finished before May 2017.

If they don’t do it, he said that the House’s Ethics Council can summon the House members, especially members of the House’s Commission II, and question their reason in postponing the Bill arrangement.

KIPP Indonesia also urges the Central Executive Boards (DPP) of political parties to summon the House’s Commission II members to explain the progress of the Bill arrangement transparently.

If all of them can’t force the House members, particularly the Bill arrangement work committee, to finish the Bill arrangement on time, Habibi said that the public can control the Bill arrangement massively and directly by mobilizing a mass to watch them, so the officials who arrange the Elections Bill won’t waste more time in arranging the Elections Bill.

"People have the rights to know and control legislation products for the freedom of expression to accompany the officials in finishing the General Elections Bill arrangement," he said. (dtc)