Indonesian TV Shows Need Change

Tuesday, 15 September 2015 , 11:00:00 WIB - Reader's Letter

Illustration (ANTARA)

TV Show Programs Quality Index survey on second period (May-June 2015) held by Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI), Indonesian Association of Communication Scholar (ISKI), and 9 (nine) state universities from 9 (nine) cities in Indonesia, shown that Indonesian TV show programs still have a bad quality, especially soap opera and infotainments. A survey done by Jakarta Islam State University, Kalijaga Yogyakarta Islam State University, Diponegoro Semarang University, Airlangga Surabaya University, Hasanuddin Makassar University, Medan North Sumatera University, Ambon Islam State Institute, Lambung Mangkurat Banjarmasin University, Udayana Denpasar University, shown an increase on TV show programs quality index. If the first survey (March-April 2015) shown the index for 3.25, the second survey (May-June 2015) increased and shown the index for 3.27.

In the survey, KPI has set some indicators for TV shows according to Law No.32 Year 2002 on Broadcasts. Every TV program must present characters and personalities that meet Indonesian culture that are tolerable, and respecting each other and not to present violence, sexual, mystical, horror, and supernatural objects.

In the indicators determined by the broadcast regulations, first period survey (May-June 2015) shown a low quality indications on infotainments, variety shows, and soap operas, with an index on 2.37 to 2.71, far from good standards on the index of 4. Although, the quality index has increased a little in the three categories.

There were 9 (nine) TV show categories in the survey, which consist of kids shows, comedy, travel/culture, religious talk show, variety show, infotainment, soap operas, and news categories. Three out of nine got a drop in the index, they are kids, talk show, and travel/culture categories.

In the TV Show Quality Index survey on special shows, research has done to three TV shows, which are kids shows, infotainment, and talk shows. The samples for infotainment programs are Rumpi No Secret, Silet, and Was-Was. Their score is still below KPI standards, 2.48 for Rumpi No Secret, 2.53 for Silet, and 2.48 for Was-Was. From the research, infotainments got bad responses as they're not being respectful of others privacy, not protecting their interests, and not giving a good entertainment. According to the indicators, every infotainment program got an index below 2.5.

For kids shows, KPI has set the indicators according to the kids' age. They must stimulate cognition and motor skills, provide a good public figure, teach them the essence of moral values and norms, no violence contents, no pornography contents, no horror and mystical contents and no special tributes to someone and some groups. The survey samples for kids shows are Matlu Tatlu, Adit Sopo Jarwo and Bima Sakti. The survey shows that Adit Sopo Jarwo nearly reached KPI standards with 3.83. Meanwhile, Matlu Tatlu reached 2.70 and Bima Sakti reached 2.98. From the eight scoring indicators, Matlu Tatlu gaot a low score from the respondents for the indicators of no violence contents and provide a good public figure. The respondents give a score for 2.5.

For talk shows, KPI has set the indicators regarding the attitude of presenters, informative contents, analytical contents, respect to other races, religions, and communities, protection of the public interest, protection the interest of individuals, respect to source persons. Examples of good talk shows are Kick Andy, Satu Meja, and Sarah Sechan. Kick Andy reached the KPI standards with a score of 4.25. Meanwhile, Satu Meja almost reached the KPI standards with 3.71. Sarah Sechan reached 3.54.

In this survey period, respondents are also asked to evaluate good TV shows from the latest shows watched in a month. The results show that the good TV shows are Kick Andy, Mata Najwa, Indonesia Lawyers Club, Mario Teguh Golden Ways, Hitam Putih, On The Spot, Liputan 6 Petang, Islam itu Indah, Ini Talkshow, and Khazanah.

Bekti Nugroho - KPI Commissioner for Institutions