Love Message from Saut Situmorang for HMI

Saturday, 07 May 2016 , 12:00:00 WIB - Reader's Letter

Some students who are united in the Islamic Students Association (HMI) lit the candle on the commemoration of Kartini´s Day at Bundaran Skartaji, Kediri, East Java, Thursday (21/4). The event was held to motivate youth university students, particularly women, to study limitless. (ANTARA)

As the leader of the anti-graft commission (KPK), Saut Situmorang's statement that considered the cadres of Islamic Students Association (HMI) have become corrupt once they become a public official may come from his will and effort to eradicate corruption. Moreover, many of the cadres from HMI got dragged into corruption cases.

However, it's not fair and subjective to generalize that HMI cadres are involved in corruption attempts. Moreover, to consider that HMI is the root of corruption is absolutely tendencious.

Me personally conclude that whatever happens to HMI cadres lately in this law and political dynamics in Indonesia, could not reduce or even eliminate the great contribution of this organization's efforts in guiding, guarding, and developing Indonesia in the history. HMI has fought to the bitter end, and that's the fact!

Despite this, I expect the cadres of HMI to respond his statement calmly and not to take it emotionally. I know that HMI is an organization developed by a rational knowledge tradition. It means that HMI cadres could think straight although they're under great pressure.

HMI remains HMI. It won't change. It's established through the struggle of the nation. It's the son of the nation, and it will keep guiding the dreams of our nation.

If some of HMI values is getting tarnished, then I would realize that Saut Situmorang's statement was a love message for HMI. It means that HMI has to be re-evaluated, HMI has to revive the "soul" of its founding father. HMI is bored and educated to dedicate for the nation. That's why HMI exists: dedication.

Even homers sometimes nod, my friend. Let's fix ourselves. The time is always giving us the chance to get better. Just remember our motto: Our Effort Will Be Successful

Firdausi Nurdin
Ex-cadre of HMI Surabaya